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13 december 2022, 20:00
Le Baixu
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Wajdi Riahi Trio
Wajdi Riahi (piano), Basile Rahola (double bass), Pierre Hurty (drums)
The trio was formed in Brussels, in 2020, but the three musicians wouldn’t all tell the same story. It’d be like asking a child how long they’ve known their parents. The strong bonds between these three young musicians translates to a solid, cohesive dynamic in their playing. Following a proposal from Fresh Sound Records, Wajdi decided to write a new repertory for the trio. The new music is rhythmically, melodically, and harmonically varied, and each song tells a true story from Wajdi’s life, and that honesty comes through in the trio’s playing.

Favorite Albums

Gerald Clayton
Bells on Sand
Brad Mehldau
The Art of the Trio Volume Three
Avishai Cohen
Gently Disturbed